About Us

Ghirardi Business Communication Services. Ghirardi BCS is a specialized service provider that focuses on the smaller business client requiring more individual attention for their various communication needs.

Increasingly, the business landscape promotes automated solutions and large networks that attempt to serve the smaller client but personal experience has often left us feeling isolated and needing answers that only “one on one” attention can provide. In the contemporary communications world there is still a need for having personal advice and consultation that can only be satisfied by talking with the person that is doing your work. Ghirardi BCS works with you directly and at affordable and negotiable pricing structures. With Ghirardi BCS you will be working directly with Mr. Ghirardi or one of his associates who will be personally accountable for your work and deadline parameters.

The scope of services includes print publication to tradeshow design and implementation to online marketing. Clients served come from all facets of the business and service sector spectrum including the commercial / industrial, educational, nonprofit and cultural communities.

Ghirardi BCS has specific specialization areas that include:

Online project presentations: More often we can share or present our ideas and plans on the web efficiently and economically. Without the cost of expensive and time consuming location visits, Ghirardi BCS can provide effective presentational support utilizing the web with graphic and textual support tools. Ask what can be done for your next client or organizational presentation.

Educational support: More teachers and educational institutions utilize the web for the day to day requirements of negotiating the multiple issues of working with students. From providing syllabus’ to support materials and student portals for distributing grading the web based solutions assist busy educators in providing quality and timely information to their students. Schools utilize the web for catalog and course curriculum information, enrollment issues and to assist in the application process. Let Ghirardi BCS help in finding and constructing a solution that best meet your needs from a single teacher to a college, secondary school or program or assistance organization on campus.

Nonprofit support: Nonprofit organizations are finding that they can increase their public awareness of their programs and financial support by effectively utilizing the World Wide Web. More of the social services have been developing in the private sector as governments reduce their role in these areas. Nonprofit organizations in healthcare, political work, and social justice communities are increasing their viability to survive and service their communities with the support of effective online tools. Fundraising and community building are vastly increased by online visibility and e-mail marketing strategies. Ghirardi BCS can assist you in developing your organizations web presence and help you choose the solutions that are workable within your communities’ size and support network.

Project research, consulting and support: Most of us do not have the time to adequately research the web for the information we require. Ghirardi BCS can spend the time to efficiently locate and logically present your research on any subject. Whether you need information in support of an educational project, grant, or product or industry search you can negotiate your price and benchmarks in advance and set your informational goals and expectations. Ghirardi BCS has no affiliation to any product specific solution so he can provide you with impartial advice and research into what is the best approach for your business or organization.

Cultural programming support: Artists and arts organizations are finding that the web helps achieve awareness for their work and to develop new audiences. Musicians can sell their music CD’s, promote their touring dates and initiate bookings. Visual artists can create awareness of their work with collectors and museums and promote the sale of works online. Arts organizations can develop new audiences, create online documentation of their programs for financial funders and initiate season sales in support of their performance calendars. The possibilities are always expanding. Ghirardi BCS has extensive experience in promoting cultural issues and can help you develop a strategy for your work online.

Temporary and long-term web hosting: Web sites can be ongoing projects that are living documents interacting with their audiences and constantly changing or adding new features and information. Web sites can also be utilized to achieve short term goals such as timely events run by an organization or group and require a specific window of opportunity to accomplish their goals. Ghirardi BCS in conjunction with their host provider Infinology Corporation can give you a home for your web project or web site according to your needs. Prices can vary from an affordable one time fee to ongoing yearly subscriptions. Ghirardi BCS can provide you with all the services needed to get up and going on the web. Ask us what we can do to help you achieve your online presence.

One central philosophical difference about Ghirardi BCS is our mission to help achieve as much self-sufficiency as possible or desired for our clients. The internet is based on participation and content creation. Those groups and businesses who are the most independent in maintaining their materials are increasing their value to themselves and those they serve. Ghirardi BCS can maintain your online presence but we hope to help you become a producer if possible and make the process of your business more cooperative with your service providers and customers and community.

As additional associates are established with Ghirardi BCS our service specialties will be expanded to support new communications areas with innovative approaches that will produce results for your business endeavors.

Please consider e-mailing us today to begin your services inquiry. No project is insignificant so please tell us what your project and what your budget are. Please indicate what form of contact you prefer. You will be contacted within 48 hours.