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ghirardi Business Communication Services
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Real Estate Marketing Services - features
a. Property web brochure site
b. Photo documentation
c. Interactive maps, plans and pictures
d. Printable web media / product sheets and brochures
Email Outreach Development - features
a. Client contact and services outreach
b. Email billing programs
Internet Research Services - features
a. Subject searches and data archiving
b. Project support research
c. Research strategizing
d. Issue tracking and reporting
Online Project Presentations - features
a. Private online presentation development
b. Collaborative project tracking and development
Retail E-Commerce Web Site Development, Administration, and Maintainance - features
a. Yahoo Business Site Development
b. Yahoo services integration
c. Custom ASP database development
d. Online business solutions
Educational Web Sites and Portals - features
a. Instructor web sites
b. Program and departmental web sites
c. Student and faculty recruitment web sites
Nonprofit Web Site and Portal Development, Administration, and Maintainance - features
a. Nonprofit Organisational web sites
b. Inter-Organisational portals
c. Online grant development and support material preparation
Cultural Web Site Development, Administration, and Maintainance - features
a. Artist online portfolio
b. Gallery web site
c. Performance venue promotional web site
Payment Portal Development and Implementation - features
a. Paypal Programs
Extranets and Intranets - features
a. Organisational intranet development
b. Project extranets
c. Yahoo group development and administration
Web Site and Project Hosting - features
a. Long term and Short term web site hosting
b. Propietary web site sites with domain name development research
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