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a. Subject searches and data archiving
b. Project support research
c. Research strategizing
d. Issue tracking and reporting

Subject searches and data archiving arriba

Performing informed searches online has become a refined skill. The main trick to doing World Wide Web searches is using the right search tool for the task and for using key words that are in use enough to find your topic but not return excessive hits. Search tools are gaining features rapidly and without an informed user performing the research online the results may not be completely relevant. Key words like "computer" and "network" will be useless because of the number of uses the search may find. Once a search project is initiated ghirardiGBS will provide an online, private portal archive, for your research data that can be accessed by a single or multible users at their discretion. ghirardiBCS can perform internet research for your inquiries at a competitive price either by the hour or on a project basis.

Project support research arriba

ghirardiBCS provides research services in support of your specific project goals and directives. More than a general subject search project support research is a contract to stay on through the entire process and to help you design and maintain an “architecture of reportage” for your needs. If a specific specialization of knowledge is required for the research required ghirardiBCS will assist you in developing a sustainable process for those individuals envolved in the work. This service is available on a pre-negotiated retainer fee basis only.

Research strategizing arriba

Strategizing your research project is an important and essential step in formulating your entire project’s direction and scope. Starting out in the wrong direction can cost you valuable time and energy and may redirect your project from its original goals. ghirardiBCS can help you strategize your research process and help you identify the most relevant points of departure before performing your search. Identifying which web based resources exist that are the best avenues to explore your issue is the next important procedure in making a time-efficient and relevant inquiry. ghirardiBCS charges for this service by the hour or on a job basis.

Issue tracking and reporting arriba

If you require a specific issue or trend to be tracked to assist you in your research or business, ghirardiBCS can help. A periodic series of research efforts can be performed to focus on your goals and issues with a report sent to you by email or be posted to a web-based archive that is accessible to you or your work group. This research can be from your own sources or by a strategy of sources pre-determined by our working together. This service is available on an hourly or job basis.

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