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Property web brochure site arriba

The web provides a natural promotional medium for the featuring of real property for sale. ghirardiBCS provides real estate websites and tools tailored to individual agents, offices, and even for sale by owner services. ghirardiBCS makes it simple for you to begin your online marketing campaign. We handle everything from registering your domain name to optimizing and submitting your website to search engines. Hosting, customer support, feature upgrades, and email account management are all included. The first thing to realize is that you must take an active role in creating a stronger web presence for your practice. Our web strategy guides outline the key concepts you need to understand in order to do this.

  • What homebuyers look for in a web site and why so many real estate sites fail
  • How to optimize your site for search engines and drive traffic
  • How to convert leads into clients

Photo documentation arriba

ghirardiBCS provides real estate photo documentation in support of the development of web sites only. This service bills separately and the fee depends upon the travel time to the location. The area of service covers the greater Los Angeles and San Diego Metropolitan areas as well as the greater Caracas, urbanization. Please call for times and availability. Prices will be quoted upon receiving your information but are billed by the hour including travel time.

Interactive maps, plans and pictures arriba

ghirardiBCS can develop web enabled graphic support for your website or interactive CD with Flash or Director based files. These can include interactive maps that can display photos, housing and building plans that display visuals, charts, or photo images and photos that are segmented to display subsets of images. These services are utilized and incorporated into ghirardiBCS real estate website solutions but can also be contracted separately to support your own individual or company-wide projects.

Printable web media / product sheets and brochures arriba

ghirardiBCS can produce a range of printable web media in Microsoft file types such as Word .doc files or Adobe .pdf files to support your information distribution on your public website or your inter-organizational portal. These file types support hyperlinks and other web features as well. Adobe pdf format supports embedded sound and motion features as well as database functions.

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