Nonprofit Web Site and Portal Development, Administration, and Maintainance
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a. Nonprofit Organisational web sites
b. Inter-Organisational portals
c. Online grant development and support material preparation

Nonprofit Organisational web sites arriba

ghirardiBCS can guide your organization in the development of websites for nonprofit businesses that need to maximize their community impact and outreach. ghirardiBCS provides the strategic planning, design and implementation of websites targeting the issues of your specific cause and audience. Features include:

  • Project description
  • Mission statement
  • Bilingual version support (Spanish/English)
  • Newsletter development and email distribution
  • Mailing list implementation
  • Support materials in multiple file formats
  • Events calendaring
  • Links development
  • Document Archive
  • Employee and volunteer work portal implementation

Inter-Organisational portals arriba

ghirardiBCS offers an integrated online solution that helps distributed organizations share core services internally. ghirardiBCS leverages the web to deliver organizational communication, website management, content syndication, email marketing, and online fundraising. ghirardiBCS solves many communication and operational inefficiencies for distributed organizations by making important tools, resources, and services accessible throughout a connected Web community.

Online grant development and support material preparation arriba

ghirardiBCS offers grant development services for cultural and nonprofit groups who need assistance in defining and preparing grant applications to take advantage of funding opportunities. ghirardiBCS also provides online versions of grants for review panels who will accept this format of application for their review panels. Features include:

  • Project description
  • Projected budget report
  • Support materials in multiple file formats
  • Project logistics
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