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a. Long term and Short term web site hosting
b. Propietary web site sites with domain name development research

Long term and Short term web site hosting arriba

ghirardiBCS can host your website or short term web project at its own hosting location at webnetus hosting services. Prices are available on an automatic annual renewal basis or on a one time charge for short term hosting. Prices vary according to the bandwidth utilized and on the size required in your directory for your web and media files. For a price quote email to gdghirardi@gmail.com and send your contact information so we can reach you to discuss your requirements. ghirardiBCS and webnetus provides individual attention and personal service you will not receive at most hosting providers.

Propietary web sites with domain name development research arriba

ghirardiBCS can also research the best web hosting solution where a dedicated IP addresses is desired. ghirardiBCS also can be contracted to research a domain name for your start-up business and setup the account as you desire. These services are billed by the hour plus setup costs and account fees. Domain accounts are administrated through directNIC and an administrative portal for your domains and sub-domains is located at this service. Web hosting providers are many and varied. For smaller to middle-sized web sites ghirardiBCS recommends:


For larger and more complex web sites ghirardiBCS recommends:


But we will be happy to work with the company of your choosing.

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