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a. Client contact and services outreach
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Client contact and services outreach arriba

Online outreach is a critical piece of our most successful campaigns. ghirardiGBS can assist you in operationalizing your web project or web site to get eyeballs to your site. Utilizing strategic planning and realistic goal setting you can develop the best results available to you according to your budget and scope of project. ghirardiBCS can conceptualize, design, and implement your marketing programs with media assets to help you achieve your online outreach.

  • Online Media Relations and Directory Outreach
  • Website Launches and Awareness Programs
  • Blog and Message Board Monitoring or Seeding
  • Online Grassroots Campaigns
  • Viral and Affiliate Marketing

Sample web site:

Email billing programs arriba

ghirardiBCS can operationalize an e-mail billing program for your business to help you save money and time for clients that are on a smaller scale of operation. E-mail billing, serves two of three major factors in a successful billing campaign.  The first is to simply remind the customer that their payment is now due. The second is to add a click-able option for instant payment, via credit card, check, etc. Paper billing and mailing is the third major factor and is still the most recognized and effective method of collecting payment for services.

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