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a. Instructor web sites
b. Program and departmental web sites
c. Student and faculty recruitment web sites

Instructor web sites arriba

The internet is well suited to the needs of instructors who wish to mediate the operation of course activities with their students. Class information as well as supplemental tests and a schedule of events and strategic dates can all be made available to students more effectively and consistently online. Teachers may also choose to maintain class files by students archived on a Course website as well as distribute grades on projects that are required from students. ghirardiBCS will work with individual to devise a web page or site that best meets the requirements of the instructor.

Sample web site:
Sample web site:

Program and departmental web sites arriba

University and college departments and programs often have online portals now that are specific to their area of study or are integrated into a larger school-wide web site system. Surprisingly many schools have inadequate web sites that do not function well or are not supported sufficiently to enable the specific instructors to function successfully with the tools provided. ghirardiBCS provides more individual attention to help find a solution that is realistic and sustainable for the need required. These solutions include dynamic sites where no teacher is required to negotiate the problems of programming and may easily interact with a, interface both logical and usable.

Student and faculty recruitment web sites arriba

A specific type of educational website is one tailored for the purposes of recruiting students or instructors. This type of website may serve as an online brochure highlighting the valuable aspects of a specific program or project and provide examples of the work produced by those affiliated with it. The site may also showcase the other staff and associates that work or contribute to the program all as an inducement to a prospective student or teacher who may be considering to enroll or seek employment. ghirardiBCS will be involved in the process of identifying the best aspects of your project or program and making that argument a pleasant and informative experience to the online viewer.

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