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Yahoo Business Site Development arriba

It is hard to be on the Internet for long without running into Yahoo. As a hugely successful search engine and portal, Yahoo drives much of the traffic on the web. Building off of its success, Yahoo! Store offers a tool for businesses to build and administrate their own online store. Many businesses find this to be a great way to sell products because of the increased traffic driven to their site through Yahoo. ghirardiBCS can help you plan design and operationalize a Yahoo Store.

Yahoo services integration arriba

ghirardiBCS offers a unique service that no other company provides: The integration of all the Yahoo services that you are used to utilizing like; Yahoo mail, Yahoo Groups, Notepad, Addresses, and Calendar into one integrated user interface! This provides you with all the features of an expensive intranet or extranet program without the need for unreliable support from a software company. And you are using theYahoo systems you are acquainted with without having to learn a new software system. Additionally, ghirardiGBS can custom integrate your own special features into this “Yahoo Super Portal.” Lastly, we design an administration area for you to keep track of passwords, statistics, and third party service accounts like Bravenet services. If you are a group that needs to work together and need an extensive online office then this is a solution for you.

Custom ASP database development arriba

Active Server Pages(ASP) can develop a new generation of Web-based applications, including extending sales and customer service to the Web, and providing access to corporate databases and applications to any browser on an intranet. ASP is based upon the leading industry standards, making it easy to build, maintain, and evolve powerful interactive Web applications. ASP has strong security management. ASP is free of cost on Windows Server. We use MSSQL & MS Access database with ASP programming for database application.

Our ASP programmer offer wide variety of services like:

  Shopping Cart System.  Shopping Cart System.
  Event Calendar Management System.  Event Calendar Management System.
  Mass Email Management System.  Mass Email Management System.
  Content Management System.  Content Management System.
  Data Management System.  Data Management System.
  Graphical Evaluating System.  Graphical Evaluating System.
  Inventory & Accounting System.  Inventory & Accounting System.
  Library Management System & all type of ASP programming services.  Library Management System & all type of ASP programming services.

Online e-Commerce business solutions arriba

The Internet is radically changing the way companies are doing business. Products and services are now only a mouse click away ready to be ordered on-line. Transactions will be approved, verified and authorised in real-time.

E-commerce allows you to conduct business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can reduce costs and speed up the supply chain. E-commerce provides the ability to enter new markets with low setup and operating costs. E-commerce enhances the expansion of relationships with existing customers. E-Commerce simplifies the process of customer selection of goods and services with the complete transaction being conducted over the Internet. ghirardiBCS provide totally integrated e-commerce solutions for clients wishing to market their goods and services via the Internet. We can offer:

  Shopping Cart System.  Web store design.
  Event Calendar Management System.  Web store development.
  Mass Email Management System.  Database integration and implementation.
  Content Management System.  Secure seamless payment solutions.
  Data Management System.  Facilities management.
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